Unfinished Assignments

Friday Evening Session – Lance Wallnau.

This year we welcomed back Lance Wallnau. Tonight, Lance spoke about the church as empowered to bring the Kingdom to earth. Lance said, “I think the fear of being labeled a “dominionist” has caused us to not want to tamper with any field of cultural engagement for fear that we would go too far or be the target of justified criticism.”

Recalibrate Your Dreams

Lance went on to talk about a season that often comes later in life when the priorities of life begin to shift. In a story about his wife Annabelle He says, “…there’s a strange crossing that takes place somewhere right about now in our trajectory of age, where women with unfinished assignments are authorized to do the thing that they’re supposed to do and it’s no longer connected to what someone else is doing. It’s what they’re called to do.” He went on to say, “Part of the reset is to recalibrate with your own dreams and visions through previous seasons for things that you wanted to see done or it’s an action. It’s an activation of a gift…. Your greatest and most useful days are in front of you right now. And I’m not saying that because this is an older audience. I’m saying it because I know what the mind of the Spirit is…. But the point is, you actually have to talk to the Lord about who are you now that you need to embrace.”

What Do You Want ME To Do For You?

As he continued to unfold his message, Lance opened up about a question God posed to him as he was “narrating the problem.” The Lord said, “What do you want Me to do for you?” The key in God’s question, he revealed is to, “pray the solution…and the solution is what you want to see; to see the finished product and to call it in.”

Unfinished Assignments

The reset, Lance said, won’t be complete unless we “merge into our full identity.” He went on to explain that what keeps us alive when we think we have completed our mission are the unfinished assignments. He said, “You may not have authority that you want at the national level…but you’ve got a replica of those seven mountains in your own backyard. You’ve got your own newspaper, your own mayor’s office, your own high school.”

In closing, Lance prophesied, “I’m going to visit you and I’m going to cause you to stand upright. For you will be in agreement with the unfinished assignment upon this ministry and the unfinished assignment upon the nations as you begin to contend as an ecclesia, says the Lord, that has authority at the gates.

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