The “Me Principle”

Friday Morning Session – Linda Jones.

With Jane Hansen Hoyt unable to travel to Orlando, Linda Jones, Chief of Executive Relations/Executive Director U.S. Field, delivered a message from Jane’s heart:

“God wants to talk to us today individually about our hearts. We’re talking about rending our hearts.

Lucifer was created to worship the Lord, he was beautiful and, he had a “me problem.” He decided, he would exalt himself above God. That didn’t turn out too good for him. It brings us to our own dilemma. Who’s going to sit on the throne of our hearts?”

In this session, Linda Jones shows us the place that striving takes us that causes us to overlook the One who resides in us and wants to have preeminence in our life. It all rests on the “Me Principle.”

Before the end of this message, Jane gives us a word in a video previously recorded for the Aglow South Pacific Region, that redirects our focus to the Joy we experience when God sits on the throne of our hearts:

“What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits towards me?” Psalm 116:12

She goes on to say, “He’s brought us into a new way of life, and He is leading us daily by the power of His Holy Spirit. And so we take this moment together to render our praise unto His Holy Name. To render unto His name our deep gratitude…that we might be gathered together in His Kingdom and live eternally with Jesus reigning and ruling on Earth.”

We render our praise unto Him who sits on the throne of our hearts!

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