The Lover, The Warrior & The Statesman

Saturday Morning Session – Lance Wallnau.

In the second of his messages, Lance unfolded 3 aspects of Jesus that are reflected in the church. In Lance’s words, “There are the lovers, the warriors, and the statesmen. He goes on to say, ” You have to know what they are because you’ll have an inclination towards one group or the other.”

The Lovers & The Warriors

The lovers are the bride of Christ. “They are not inclined toward conflict. They are the devoted lover, the humble servant, the non-confrontational, pure-devoted bride-lover person.”

The warriors are the Lion of Judah. “The warrior confronts the devil. He overturns the tables in the temple. He says the inconvenient truth at the party that nobody wants to hear.”

“When you’re dealing with deliverance, when you’re dealing with the devil, when you’re dealing with curses, and when you’re dealing with what wants to steal your life or the life of your loved one, you are a warrior and you’re anointed to destroy the works of hell…. Every lover knows what it’s like to be a warrior because you go to war for the things you love.”

“So Jesus, the warrior, and Jesus the lover. They’re both valid portraits of Jesus…. Jesus, the lover, has to be put in balance with Jesus, the warrior. It’s not either-or, it’s both…. The lovers are looking for mercy. The warriors are looking for a prophetic divine judgment, and they’re both accurate.”

Lance continued by saying,”The next manifestation of Jesus isn’t the lamb. The next manifestation is coming with the armies of heaven.” “…you got to know when are you going to be a warrior…because even Jesus provoked the system.”

Lance went on to reveal a third characteristic of Christ: “We have the third image here, which is the crown. The crown is the statesman. These three people are in the body of Christ.”

The Statesman

What is a statesman? Lance explained, “This is the part that is the most difficult to be able to see…. The statesman anointing is the one that has to do the shrewd analysis because a ruler who’s committing himself to battle has to calculate what is the best approach to winning…. The role of the statesman is to allocate resources and money…. See how this works? …you have to look at what these attributes are. The lover keeps you pure of heart. The warrior keeps you bold, but the statesman keeps you wise, so you know which one to be….”

“So when you’re going to be dealing with a problem, you can either deal with it by trying to win the person over winsomely, which is the lover strategy. Or you might have to let them know where the boundaries are and what the consequences are if they continue that behavior. Every parent does both. They want the child to know they love them when they discipline them. Because if you only love and don’t discipline, we might find DeMarcus never gets out of math class. Does that make sense? So wisdom has to choose the appropriate means.”

Look Up

Lance continued to paint a picture of why it’s important to know which characteristic of Christ we are inclined, in the context of the times we are in. He said, “You got to know when you are going to be a warrior and when you’re going to be a lover.”

He continued by saying, “You want to know why there’s so much craziness going on in the world? Because hell knows that the time is now coming…. The kingdom of heaven is coming to earth.”

“Satan is coming down…. So Jesus says, look up. If you don’t look at what is behind the shaking, you’re going to be looking at the shaking.”

Praying in Tongues

In the shaking that is taking place in the earth, Lance went on to bring understanding to the importance of praying in tongues. He said, “There’s a great deliverance wave of God coming to the church…. There are times when you don’t know the nature of the mountain that must be dealt with because you have limitations in your understanding. It’s called the infirmity of the flesh. That’s why you have a prayer language in the first place to navigate around the ignorance of what you don’t know…. God’s solution for that isn’t always going to be a word of knowledge or some kind of a wisdom thing. It’s going to be praying in tongues.”

By praying in tongues, “You’re hitting it in the spirit realm and you’re telling it by the authority of the utterance in your mouth, what the rules are for this. Because the great shaking that is upon us in the earth right now is a shaking of thrones and Dominion’s and principalities and powers, and there is a longing for a church that can administrate the nations.”

As One

Lance brought the session to a close by saying, “Now, prepare your heart for the time is at hand, the beginning is now, and you’re going to see, you’re going to know the hand of the Lord is upon you and many others to be used in these last days….” He went on to prophesy, “You shall have an enlarged ministry and shall minister to many for you have ministered to a few compared to what I’m about to do next.”

As a final prophetic act, Lance led the audience to “strike” their hand at the forces of hell and shout, AS ONE, to release the warfare mantle afresh upon Aglow.

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