Greetings from Aglow Asia

An important message from Alice Tsoi, National President, Aglow Hong Kong

The 2021 Aglow Conference, “Reset” is happening very soon. If you thought you we are going to have to miss it, don’t worry, you can register for the webcast! The great thing about the webcast is that it allows you to watch it in your time. 

Watch at Your Convenience

I’m in Asia and many of the Asian nations are in different time zones. But, you can watch it together in your time zone, at your convenience. 


AND…as you gather together, you can have someone in your group translate the messages. You can pause where needed, have the translation, and have a discussion all at your pace.  

The Same Anointing

By participating with us by webcast, you will feel and experience the same anointing and power of the Holy Spirit just as if you were in Orlando.

At one of the webcast gatherings in Hong Kong, the women experienced the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit during a worship session. They were so excited in the Presence of the Lord that they felt strongly to give an offering at the end! Go to our Donation Page, if you want to give just like the ladies in Hong Kong.

Count Yourself With Us

Be a part of building the momentum as we move towards conference. Let us know you are with us by registering now!  Register quickly and don’t wait.

Encourage groups to watch together, but make sure you are within the Covid guidelines of your nation and your city. I truly believe every Aglow conference is a strategic one. You don’t want to miss this one!

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