Be a Part of the Reset Webcast

We want to remind you of the Aglow Conference that will be upon us before we know it.

We are really excited about this gathering. I’m always excited about Aglow people gathering together because the Holy Spirit always moves in our midst.

It’s So Easy to Watch

Now, you probably already know that all of the onsite attendance is filled. But this is the wonderful thing about the time that we live in. You can sign up for a webcast (a simultaneous version of the conference,) just like you’re there with us.

It’s so easy to watch. Use your laptop, your iPhone, your cell phone, or your iPad.

We are on the cusp of the Third Day Awakening and God is going to pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh. We need to be reset, to be aligned so that we can hear and receive, to move in His Presence and speak forth His Word with power and anointing.

Be With Us

Be part of building the momentum as we move towards conference. Let us know you are with us by participating via the webcast. Encourage your Aglow groups to watch together, but make sure you are within the Covid guidelines of your nation and your city.

Please join us. We look forward to having that connection with you. God bless.

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